Endpoint SDK

Use SDK to upload your dataset and predict

Let's start🔜

Import package

from innocuous_sdk.endpoint import Endpoint


Use user_name and user_token to login, and start to use the following methods

endpoint = Endpoint('<user_name>', '<user_token>')


List all running endpoint

List all running endpoint

endpoint_list = endpoint.list_endpoint()

Get endpoint id by name

endpoint_id = endpoint.get_endpoint_id('<my-endpoint-nema>')

Get endpoint information

result = endpoint.get_endpoint(endpoint_id)

Predict with json body

data = { "images": [  
result = endpoint.predict_json(endpoint_id, data)

Predict with local files

files = [
result = endpoint.predict_file(endpoint_id, files)

Upload dataset

result = endpoint.upload_dataset(endpoint_id, '/local/path/file/test.zip')

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